Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sons of Thunder

My dad loves to refer to Blake and Owen as "James and John, Sons of Thunder." James and John are a pair of bold disciples. I like to think too that God has great plans for these boys. We certainly know He worked hard at getting them here.
When Nate and I were dating I had the amazing privilege to travel to Arba Minch, Ethiopia with my church from Charlotte. I went on a team to work with some missionaries, Ralph, Monica and their children, who did/do an amazing job ministering to the men, women and children in a terribly hopeless and lost nation. It truly was a life changing time for me.
The couple who led the trip, Burt and Renee Cheezum, had been many times and not only knew and loved that culture but took such great care of the three girls that went.
When Renee found out I was having twins she immediately contacted me. When she found out they were sick they consistently prayed for the boys. She even told Ralph and Monica who prayed for us from Ethiopia. And soon after they were born we got the most adorable little Ethiopian outfits. I have been anxious for the day they would fit the boys and here they are!

I couldn't help but make them look like little missionaries. See how they have a bible and a giraffe? Africa - here they come!
I actually would be so proud if they chose to be missionaries. Not just to Africa but where ever the Lord may lead them. Our prayer every night is that they come to know the Lord at an early age and lead lives that bring glory to Jesus. I heard a quote this morning - "The world doesn't care about your relationship with Christ, but how much you resemble Him." I pray that my boys grow in their relationship and resemblance to Him everyday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One cute two headed monster

Here is our favorite thing to do and our new favorite way to do it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

Yesterday I took the boys to the zoo for the first time. I realized that was the most sun exposure I had in two years!!! For those of you a little confused I was either on bed rest or in the hospital for most of last spring/summer. It was so great to be outside with my sweet boys and our best friends.
We went with their girlfriend, Payton, Aunt Holly, DiDi, GiGi and Nana (none of those are "real" relatives, but they are very near and dear to our hearts...so we might as well call them that.)
It was a fun day, however, we did have to skip most of their morning naps which meant they weren't as, well, perky, as usual. But it was still sweet to take them.

Owen looking at animals with GiGi

I think Payton was more interested in Owen than those fish :)

Blake having fun with DiDi

Look at Owen's face, this is how he spent most of the day - ha.

Blake trying out a grape. He was licking it.

Telling Daddy all about it


I'm a little worried. Look at what they are learning to do. I only have pictures of Blake doing it because when Owen sees the camera he stops, lays down and poses. But he is trying just as hard.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Please pray.

We have had the chance to make some new friends who are from Minnesota. They are 23 weeks pregnant with two sweet girls, Amaya and Liana, who have TTTS. We met from them coming to Houston a few weeks ago to have their surgery with the Moise's and Dr. J.
On her blog this morning Esther asked for prayer for her girls. THings have taken a turn, sadly, for the worse.
Please pray for them. Pray for the girls, pray for Esther and her husband, Bjorn. Here is a link to her blog so you can read what is happening.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ahh Sting Em!

I was going through some old pictures of the boys to put together their baby books and I found this picture! It's from when they were three months old. Look at Owen's finger! He's a yellow jacket at heart! I am so proud.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothin' really new

There isn't a whole lot going on around here these days. Nate unfortunately is working a lot. I am continuing in my bible study at church and my avoidance of house work. The boys are getting cuter every day.

Owen has cut another tooth - that makes 3 for him. He has his bottom two and this one looks like it's either his canine tooth (is that even the real name?) or right next two it. He will look like quite the country bumpkin when it comes in. He is out of the whining stage (Hooray!!!) and can sing with me and give me five. He is also pretty awesome at sitting up.

Blake has two tooth and is working on that third one. I have so far been bitten on my knee and chin by him. But he just giggles when I say, "ouch!" He loves to have playful screaming matches with his daddy. He also loves to be surprised. He just laughs and laughs. Oh, and Houdini struck again. This time he got out of his shirt while sleeping. I don't know...the kid is sneaky.

We are exciting about Nate's grandparents and mom and step dad coming in a week from Monday. The grandparents are coming from Wisconsin and will be here for a week. His mom is coming that Thursday and will be here through the weekend. Yeah for visitors!! We love company.

Here are some pics of my cuties.

And a true story about the pictures. I was taking pictures of Owen trying to get one of him sitting up and his teeth when I heard a giggle at my side. I looked over to see Blake doing this. He loves the camera!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Kings and their Queens

Here are a few pictures from our fun day with Aunt Holly, Payton, Aunt Erin, and Katelyn. We are lucky to have them so close! The boys looked pretty regal surrounded by their ladies in their "throne-like" high chairs!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

My crazy little Owen

So for a few weeks it has been Freaky Friday - everyday. My sweet little cuddle bug Owen has morphed into crazy screamer man. Luckily only during meal times. He is quite the impatient little booger when it comes to eating. He isn't the biggest fan of having to wait for Blake to eat. I usually alternate feeding them...a few bites for one and a few for the other. Owen LOVES to eat, Blake hates it. (you would never tell by looking at them...jk.) So Owen opens his little mouth like a good little bird and eats quickly, while I pry Blake's mouth open trying to get a few spoonfuls down.

The minute I stop feeding Owen the screaming begins. I think he might break a window one day. I try to to tell him "no," I tell him to stop...but the screaming continues until meal time is over.

I hope this is a phase...

Here is how it goes in pictures. It's annoying, but it's still cute. He is still my little cuddle bug. And like I said, once it's over, he morphs back into Owen.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Houdini and The Lord of the Dance

Every day is a new adventure around here and I can only imagine what it will be like when they are doing more than rolling every where. But my little guys are so much fun and bring so much joy to Nate and me everyday!

Yesterday we hooked up one of the door bouncers my sister gave us. And was it ever a hit! Owen especially loved it. I was literally laughing out loud at him while he jumped around like a little bean. Nate then pegged it when he said, "Wow, he looks like the Lord of the Dance." And he did. He would jump and then do a little jig with his feet. I couldn't get the jig, but I did get this picture which by the way I did nothing to entice the smile. No silly faces, or noises, just putting him in this gets this sort of reaction.

Then around 4:45 this morning I was awakened to a terrible scream from Blake. I normally don't get up to check on them, because once they see me, it's over. I usually give it a few minutes and then go. But something inside me told me to go...I did...and this is what I found. My little Houdini who had wiggled his way half way under his Ultimate Crib Sheet and was stuck. We call him Houdini because when he first came home and we swaddled him, he could get out of the Swaddle Blankets. The ones made for swaddling with Velcro. I still have no idea how he wiggled out of that. But here is our reenactment this morning.
He wasn't as happy last night.