Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who needs a bowling ball

When you have a bike and a twin?
Set 'em up:

Crash 'em down:


Caroline's a-coming!

We have 11 days! TICK TOCK! I am at a mix of emotions. Ready to physically not be preggers anymore, but also wanting to soak in every minute with my sweet boys. We have been making lots and lots of progress getting things ready for her. One major this is her room is 99% done! All we are waiting for is our mattresses for the guest daybed in her room.

Here are some pictures of her room:

And here is a onsie I made her and two I made for little Watson who will be born about 2 weeks after.

We have been asked a ton if the boys know what is going on. And my answer is YES! I have started nesting and I think that they have, too! Starting Monday they began to act like their monkey and giraffe are their babies. They want them to be in Caroline's room. Swing them, bounce them, tuck them into the crib...they also wanted to learn what everything was in her room and what is was used for. For the past 4 days we have spent most of our days in her room. They have even learned to swaddle! It's super sweet and excites me that they might do more than just ignore her when she gets here!

A month in pictures and a video

It's been a month since I posted! Where has the time gone??? I guess to a baby with a broken arm...a mommy with a growing tummy...last minute trips to see friends...and just busy, busy, busy!

Here are a few pictures of the past few weeks:

Nate and I before our date for his birthday:

Blake is all grins coming home with his "Chick Hicks" cast:

First bath was not all smiles when he had to put a bag over his cast. Luckily Owen thought it seemed like a good idea and so he joined it. Next thing you knew we were bathing two boys with bags on!

Our last "trip" pre baby girl. We went to Houston for a wedding of some sweet family friends. We also got to stay with the Heston's - win-win!

And lastly, a sweet video of my little singing bird. Owen LOVES to sing. He's pretty good, too :). His top favorite is what he calls "Owen's song" which to everyone else is known as "Our God" by Chris Tomlin. Wish you could hear him better...but it is so sweet to hear him sing it!!!