Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worth reading

We have a couple at church who have just gone down to Recife, Brazil to adopt a set of siblings. This couple has been married for 15 years. They were once on the mission field in Recife, but Danyel, the wife, got seriously ill and they had to come home. Not only did they have to come home, but that also solidified the fact that they could never have kids.
God has taken them on a remarkably long journey in which he has led them back to adoption.
Like I said, they arrived in Brazil this week.
Here is their is worth your time to read!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zooming our way to 2!

The boys turned two this past weekend. I can hardly believe it. I felt like year one flew by...probably because I went sleepless for half of it...but year 2 went by even faster.
In the past year the boys have:
- been to 5 different states - flown twice- been to 2 different beaches- stayed in a hotel- been to the zoo- picked blueberries-been to a play- gone to church- learned to slide (water slide included :))- fed animals- rode a train- been in a wedding- gone to a cook off- hunted easter eggs- walked dogs- been to chuck e cheese- plus played a lot!!!!
This past year has been so great and full of healthy, happy memories. We had much to celebrate!
This past weekend we celebrated their birthday with family and "Houston family" - those who take care of us like family would :).

Grammy and Papa Ric came from Mississippi.

And Granma and Granpa came, too.

We had a car themed party, because, well, they love cars!
Here is the invite

Here are the birthday boys!

Plenty of help opening presents :)

With our bud, Maddox


More like sisters than friends... Clee with Cooper, Nate with Blake, Jens with Katelyn, Erin with baby girl #2, Kim with Owen, Holly with Payton

Here is the cake.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Blowing out the candles

Even Unlce Pete, Aunt Whitney, Caitlyn, Lauren and "mameron" came by!

Thanks for celebrating out boys with us!