Sunday, September 23, 2012

better late than never, soccer and red lipstick

Things were getting around the Stroh house this weekend.  The boys started their soccer games with a parade of teams and a round robin tournament in our lovely 96 degree Texas fall afternoon.  Last night Nate and I got to go out on a fancy schmancy date to a gala for the school district.  So Granma and Granpa came to see the boys play, love on CJ and be our in-house babysitters.
First are a few pictures that are better late than never!
This girl is a mess!

First day of Pre-k

The Sccoer games were fun.  Other than it being hot the boys are really enjoying playing.  owen even scored a goal!  It was on the wrong goal...but he got the ball a little after midfield, broke away from the pack and went straight for the goal and scored.  So cute!!!!
Grampa and CJ at the 96 degree soccer game - happy fall!
Team parade
so hot.  so tired.  blake was so annoying Owen how could it be?!
Things you would only do to your twin and get away with.  B was telling O to be quiet

We had fun at the gala.  Nate even bid on a safari!  however he got outbid with it going for $2500! We went with some friends and had loved having a reason to get dressed up!
CEF gala
Rocking the bowtie.  It didn't make an appearance at the event because he would have looked fancier than me!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beating the system

We have had a crazy week around here and it looks like it will continue for a while.  I think I over committed us.  However, we are having fun!  We are just all exhausted.  So we have had a good, relaxing calm Saturday which has been good for the Stroh souls!
Some one even made me breakfast this morning. 
See how excited he looks?
We started watching this show called "Breaking Amish" on is SO interesting.  Auntie and Uncle T live in Amish country in Ohio.  Every time we have been to see them I have been so intrigued with the Amish way of life.  I would ask Jean all sorts of questions.  She is my Amish expert!  HA!  Anyways this show is very interesting.  However, the men don't do ANYTHING in the home.  They are served by the women in their homes.  Nate said that since he had to make my breakfast this morning that he would be shunned from the community.  Thus, the happy face! 

In my defense, I could not make breakfast at the moment he wanted it because I was feeding this little face:
Which brings me to my second point of this blog.  I have been beating the system!  And the system being expensive, over processed foods!  I have three new finds that aren't ground breaking, but they are cheap and they are easy and they are healthier!!!!  Love it!

First is this:
Which is what was getting fed into that happy little mouth!  I was spending probably about $10 a week in yogurts.  Yogurt for me (mainly for smoothies), for the boys and a separate one for Caroline.  Well my beating the system has been buying non-fat plain greek yogurt for everyone!  AND using it for sour cream...shh...don't tell freaks him out.  I've tried replacing mayo, but it doesn't work well.  But i don't think you can tell at all with it as a replacement for sour cream.  Anyways. CJ's new favorite breakfast is this!  I am smashing up fruit and adding it straight to the plain greek yogurt.  So I am saving $7 a week.  That is $28/a month people!!!  And it's not bad!  For the boys I blend it in with a touch (and i mean tiny touch) of honey and use it straightt up for my smoothies.  So not added sugars, no sweeteners, more protein and less money!  GREATNESS!

Here is numbers 2 and 3
First - oatmeal.  We eat a lot of oatmeal around here.  I normally buy the strawberry instant kind.  Problem - I bought a box a week, it was high in sugar and it never kept anyone full.  I saw on pinterest someone bagging their own.  So I tried it.!!!!  I put 1/2 cup of oatmeal in a baggie add 1/2tsp brown sugar.  It is much more filling and get this.  one box of the premade has 8-10 bags for 2.50.  I can make 30 bags for the same price!  Plus it's whole no less sugar!  WIN!

And lastly - popcorn.  We eat popcorn once a day in this place.  It is Blake and Owen's favorite snack.  I was getting the 100 calorie pack for 10 for $3.50ish.  I was watching a show recently and they had a health expert on it.  She cut open a bag of popcorn and showed how much yuck was added in it.  So she suggested buying the kernels, putting 1/4 cup in a brown paper sack, folding it over twice and making it in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Then you can add how much salt and butter you wanted.  HELLO!  I got that bag for $.80!!!  And it makes 10 servings.  However, I think we could easily get away with using 1/8 of a cup. So we could have 20 servings!! 

I love beating the system!!!!

Lastly, here is my sweet lady who beat the hierarchy system in our house and worked her way to a bean bag chair this morning.  She's like her mama :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Night at the Gaylord

We took the big boys for an overnight trip to the Gaylord Texan for labor day. They have a fun "water park" that was just the right size for our little sharks. We had a blast! Swimming,eating, NASCAR in a king size bed and getting to ride a shuttle bus! Don't feel bad for CJ- she had some quality one on one time with granma and granpa!