Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wedding Weekend Part 2

So as mentioned in the last post Saturday morning we got the treat of taking a hike with the tweedles. It was a beautiful cool morning and there were lots of fun animals to see. They boys have a love/hate relationship with animals. They don't want anything to do with them all the while not being able to walk away from them.

For that fact alone we only saw 3 kinds of animals on an hour walk!
Blake waking with Dada...Owen was with me
Granpa, I know you won't lie this picture because you can't see them up close...but that is why I like it...they look so tiny!
Checking out the animals
Look at Blake's face...he was staring into the face of fear...
or really just into this face
Owen trying to negotiate

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend the boys got to be ring bearers for our sweet friends, Jennifer and Braxton. Jennifer is the oldest daughter of some of our sweet friends, Tim and Ann Bates. They have a family that we adore and love getting to be a part of. We were really excited that the boys were asked to be in the wedding. We got to go to Belton, TX on Friday, stay at a wonderful retreat center and hang out with lots of people we love!

The boys did pretty well. They did perfect at the rehearsal and were angels all Friday night. They were thrown off of their schedule and were still happy! Saturday was a little harder. The wedding was at 2pm and our little guys nap every day from 1-4. They had to be at the church at 12 for pictures. They made the whole day with just one short 10 minute nap in the car. So that being said, they did really well.

I am going to chose to not tell you about the fit that happened when we tried to dress them. Jennifer even came out and asked if she could help! They were NOT happy campers about being in those tuxes...but they calmed!

Blake made it down the aisle with the flower girl...and Owen made it too, a few steps back, and with his daddy pushing him! BUT - we made it with no tears...at least no tears while walking down the aisle.

They did great. The bride was radiant and it was SO fun to be there.

Here they are in their tuxes!!!

We snuck into a sunday school class so they could play and not destroy things...as Braxton's mom put it when she snuck them peanut butter cookies into the sanctuary - God understands...they are little!

Not a fan of this picture of me...but look at the boys!!! Too funny!

Sticking our fingers in Daddy's ear...we think this is a riot! This is about 20 minutes before the wedding!

And this is an after shot...to show how tired we were...this was during the ceremony...guess its a good think we took them out!

We did drag them to the reception...we couldn't miss the cake!

Here is my favorite picture of Owen and Nate - this is the rehearsal dinner:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The great smoothie disaster

As posted in a previous blog...I am currently obsessed with making Banana Smoothies. I think I have been having a few a week! The other day I decided to be sweet and share with the boys. I was even going so far as to give them their very own cup with banana smoothie in it.

It started out innocently enough. Once they realized what I was making they got really excited - spinning in circles and squealing. Then I got out another treasure, their sippy cups that have straws. They really love these cups, but they are very hard to drink out of. They haven't used them in a while, but I thought since they were older it might be easier now. So they yelled with delight as they realized I was pouring smoothie into THEIR cups WITH straws.

They began sucking away and I realized they couldn't get anything out of it. They were trying so hard...I even tried and it was near impossible for me. So I went to get their second favorite cups to transfer the smoothie into.

Sadly, Owen didn't understand what was happening and a melt down of all broken hearted melt downs began. Tears, thrashing on the floor, high pitched hysterics...because he just knew I was taking it away!!! I tried to show him I wasn't. Show him how I was pouring it from one cup to the other...but he was having nothing to do with it. It just escalated...

I tried one more cup, a big people cup with a straw...nope...not happening.

Finally, I gave up on him, went back to cup #2 with a straw and gave it to Blake. Once Owen saw Blake drinking it...he decided to trust and try.

He was a very happy boy at this point...does it matter that it took a good 10 minutes of a pointless fit to get there? Nah...
Sad for my friend Abbey...she had to hear the whole thing because she called in the middle of it. And to avoid throwing a fit myself...I had to keep her on the line!!!
Here he is in all of his smoothie glory

Worst part...we ended up with cups with no lids...which equaled lots of spills and lots of "Mo - mo?!" (translation, More!?)...to which we then had to explain why we had no more...
Something so sweet...SO difficult!
Blake had fun though!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

He's brilliant I tell you

Check out mr. smarty pants in action!

Besides spending time being so darn cute and smart...Blake and Owen also got to see Granma and Granpa last week.

We have had a good week...but it's officially spring in Houston. Warmer weather means lots of pollen and lots of pollen means this:

I kind of look like that too! FYI...meds are helping and that is chocolate on his mouth!

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's Rodeo time in Houston. This means lots of fatty fried foods, paying a lot to park and smelling stinky animals. It also means fun with friends.
We took Blake and Owen to the Rodeo with Clee, Holly and Payton. Besides the $20 we had to pay to park...it was worth every penny!
We had so much fun! However, I am pretty sure that by the time we left, all 4 million Houston residents were there that night. It was so crowded.

They won't hold our hands when they walk...but they will hold Payton's!!!

Looking at something country and rodeo-ish, I am sure.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Favorites

So no pics or videos of the boys...you had enough for one week!
I wanted to share 3 of my new favorite things...or things I am currently obsessed with.

I have a new goal. It's pretty lofty and I really think I have a 50% chance of accomplishing it. It is to do a mini-sprint triathlon Mother's Day weekend. It is all women and about 10 minutes from my house. This would be an 200 yard swim (approx 8 laps in a junior Olympic pool), 8 mile bike ride and 2 mile run. I really, really, really want to try this. However, we don't belong to a gym with a pool...so I would have to wing that part. I also am having a hard time riding my bike. I have a bike trailer for the boys...but 8 miles is long for them to ride. So as for now I am running and trying to eat healthy. I might just go for it with no training. We will see.

On the healthy note...2 of my favorite things have to do with healthy new food for me.
So favorite 1: Peanut Banana Shake - so so so yummy.
All you do is take some ice chips, half a banana, a little skim milk, two spoon fulls of light vanilla yogurt, and about a tsp of PB. Blend a long time until creamy...it's like ice cream I tell ya! I am so addicted that after I ran this morning we made a detour to the house so I could make one before taking the boys to the park. Try it...you will love it.

Favorite 2: My fancy scmancy tuna sandwich. I made tuna salad with out mayo and pickles (I don't really like either of those so I really didn't miss it). I used less than a tsp of EVOO and drizzled the tuna with that. Then I added about 1/3 of a lemon - juiced, chopped green onion, celery and a salt, pepper, garlic mix I keep on hand. I had it on toasted bread...so good. I think it would be even better with some fresh spinach and a tomato on top. I don't even like tomato! But I just know it needs it! Really yummy also.

Favorite 3: This is a song. It's called "Soon" by Hillsong United. I think I listen to it 1,000 time a day. So simple. So good. It's talking about Christ coming back. Favorite line: "Though I have not seen him, my heart knows him well." That is so my prayer. I hope when Christ comes back my heart recognizes Him!
Even if you don't want to download it, google the words...you won't regret it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ain't no party like a Stroh Bro party...

Cause a Stroh Bro party don't stop!!!!!!!!!!!

I spologize for the sideways video at the end. I realize I can't shoot a video up and down...it doesn't turn on our computer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010