Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day and Kingdom Focus

So over Labor Day we had the privilege of our friends the Ramsey's coming to stay with us! We hadn't seen them since May and they hadn't been to our home in 2 years! It was a blast having them here.
We also got to keep Drew one night so Lindsay and Hal could go to a wedding in the Hill Country. We had no idea what it would be like to have three 2 year olds (Drew is 4 months younger than B and O) - but I am pleased to say they did AWESOME! It was no different than having just two. I guess it helps that Drew is an easy kiddo!!!
We took them to the store and even made it to church ON TIME!!! It was so fun!
They are one tough gang!
Geeting ready for church was brought to you by Elmo on our bed!!!
On our way to church

This is our first night all together. We had been having a serious dance party...this is the calm version of it!

On another our Mom's ministry meeting this morning God totally blew my socks off! I so happened to be sitting by a women who was really struggling with the fact that she had 3 miscarriages in the past two years and had not allowed herself to grieve those babies and was having a hard time moving out of her "low place" as she called it. I was able to share with her my story as well as pray with her. I am amazed at how God uses us and our stories to be his hands and feet to other people.
I have to go back tomorrow and most likely will be having another D& I was sharing this with my sweet friend Abbey she told me she would be praying that I don't get stuck in the "why me's"...I don't want to get stuck there either. I want to be open and aware of the moments that are all around me that won't replace my baby, but that will allow me to minister to other hurting people and give them the same hope that I have. I want to maintain a kingdom focus through all of this and I am grateful for opportunities like this morning to see beyond myself and to see what this life is really about.
That is all I got for now!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wher oh where have we been?

For some reason, I have been seriously lacking in my blogging. I think the only people affected by this are family who live vicariously through the blog to see those two sweet boys named Blake and Owen.
We have had a ton going on the past few weeks. On a serious and sad note, I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. I was 9 weeks along and since have had a D&C that did not go according to plan and have had a really hard time recouping. I am hoping to be back to normal soon.

On other, happier notes we have had so many visitors. God made me to be a people person and so he had lots of trips planned before any of this happened. I was so thankful to have the past few weeks filled with family and friends to help me get through this time.
So here is to catching up. I can't promise rhyme or reason to pictures...but at least you can see how cute the boys are!
These first two are for Auntie...because she sent the boys these very cute outfits!!!
Thanks Auntie!

We also had a visit from Nini and Pops. They spoiled us all rotten! It was great! I did a really bad job with pictures, but one day we went to the Children's Museum in The Woodlands. We had a great time...the boys loved it.

Here are the best pictures I got.
They really loved getting to drive the fire truck!

And if you are wondering about Christmas presents...we love trains!
Ok! More to come later!