Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phone pics!!

Fact: I'm a blog slacker
Fact: here's my feeble attempt at an update!
Lets start with this girl.  She's nuts!
Here she is all dirty. Why you ask?  Because she was taking her turn trying to spin the kids on the merry go round like Blake and Owen were.  Didn't you know she was a five year old boy?  In short, she ate it.

This is at vbs.  we ate dinner every night.  On the menu?  Fried chicken.  Yes, she was gnawing in the bone.  Yes, we had to fish said bone out of her mouth.

She just oozes cuteness

Put this helmet on herself to ride this down the hill to,again, be like her brothers.  CAROLINE YOU ARE NOT 5!!!

I mean, she's so fun.

Slip and Slidin' fun!

Superhero day at chick-fil-a.  Ms clause asked to take a picture with her to put on her website because, "she is the cutest baby I have ever seen."