Sunday, August 26, 2012

CJ is ONE!

We had such a fun time celebrating our sweet Caroline turning ONE on Satuday.  We went back and forth for a while over how big of a party to do.  We opted for family only and I am so glad we did.  She's not really use to being the center of attention :).  There were 18 people in all so still plenty of people to celebrate.  She is such a joy and Neil Diamond got it right, "Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good!"

Here she is right when she woke up.  Every one has tired eyes!

Birthday breakfast - bananas, eggs and cheerios!

Her birthday outfit.  Made by ME!  Yes, even the tutu!

This is right as every one was getting there.  Then a slow progression of being overwhelmed began happening!

Insert fingers - this is my happy place

With Grammy

We were going to do a sunshine theme, but threw in a little blue with it.  You can't see very well but I made little sunshines with a picture from each month of her to see how she's changed.  We also spray painted some old vases (the kind you get when you get flowers delivered) white and put in yellow roses and white daisies.  I even sewed a burlap table runner!

Keep being impressed.  Homemade cake with homemade icing!  There were three layers and they even alternated yellow and white!!!  (on a side note - it was good!)

Birthday lunch - Ranch Style Chicken, Packet potatoes and layered fruit salad.  YUM!

The kids eating with the princess at the head of the table!

We started opening presents and the meltdown was on the horizon...

See the banner...made that TOO!

Loved my swing from Grammy and Papa Ric

not so entertained...

This was her face while we sang her happy birthday...again, not used to being the center of attention

 Family shot!

And this was how the cake ended.  Ready for a nap!

 I'm one!!!!