Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Like mother like daugther

Sweet baby girl is 5 months old today!  I can not believe it.  She is the sweetest, happiest, most content child ever.  We sure were concerned those first two months...jk! 
She is still tiny.  She has chubby little thighs, but I don't think this baby will ever be big.  She is a petite little thing.
Her personality is really starting to develop and she does more than just look like her mama...she is very much like her mama!  Uh oh!
Caroline wants to be where the party is.  She loves to be around people and can not sleep if a party is happening.  She never cries, but never sleeps either!  I have been saying she can say "hi."  SHe is not making any "ma" or "da" sounds, but has been sounding like she is saying hi.  Yesterday I got her to wave at me and say hi.  I didn't catch the complete thing on video, so you will have to take my word on it or try to see it in the video, or just play along with this proud mama!
Happy 5 months, CJ...we LOVE you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bros in boots

We got them rain boots and they are OBSESSED with them. This is coming home from school. Notice how sunny it is outside?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's finally here!

The end of the Christmas posts!!!  Aren't we all excited.  You can tell it was the end of the holidays, too, because there were not very many pictures taken!

Granma and Granpa with all the kids. every picture Caroline was covering you!!!  This was the best I got.

Caitlyn and John

Gracey and Lauren

CJ and Caitlyn

Monday, January 9, 2012

Finishing up

Last few shots before we move on to our "Hazzardous" Christmas!

Papa Joe kept saying he knew what to do with little girls!!

Yes, Owen, this is crazy

I wonder if anyone can look at Owen and Ric and tell what happened...

Grammy got herself a girl!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mississippi x 3

Christmas day was spent with the Stroh family.  We were all feeling better that day and had a peaceful time celebrating!
CJ"s other greatgrandmother, Granny Stroh

I actually have a better picture...but CJ's face says it all.  Isn't Granny a champ for attempting all three at one time!

Lots of love and lots of trouble!!

My sweet girl

This picture pretty much sums up Christmas!  Lol!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mississippi 2.0

We celebrated Christmas eve with the Thompson/Gjertson/Freeman clan.  We, well they, had so much fun.  I woke up with a stomach bug and so I did not make lunch or present opening.  I did make it mid afternoon and was able to go to the Christmas Eve service and hang out that night.  Nate took these pictures because I was so sad to miss it!!!
Owen with Ga (Nate's grandmother)

CJ with Grammy

Very excited Blake with his remote control "monster truck."  Can you see his missing teeth?  They got knocked out a few days before and we had to have them pulled.  Sad.

CJ waited a long time to meet her greatgrandmother and grandfather, Ga and Papa Joe.

Auntie and Uncle T with a big win with Lightning McQueen t-shirts

Post Christmas Eve Service

Sorry, Auntie, this picture was too funny!  You think it would work for your frame?

Uncle T and Caroline.  She was way over tired and just crying and crying.  The only person who calmed her down...Uncle T.  We said he must just have a way with the "Jeans!"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mississippi Round 1

We were in Mississippi for 7 days over the Christmas holiday.  We had so much fun.  We were all exhausted, in a good way, by the time we made it home.  Here are a few of the fun things we did the first few days.

Pops got a toy hauler and so he and the boys had a camp out one night.  Complete with the movie, "cars," and bubbles and beamer (their dogs) to cuddle with.

Nini took us to go bowling.  Here's a high five for a good job!

The boys.  In the middle is our cousin, Taylor.

Owen and Nini

Future league champs?!?!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The limelight

The boys had the chance to be in two special Christmas programs this year.  One was at school and one was at church.
The one from church was really funny.  They used all the kids from preschool  - about 2nd grade.  The older ones had speaking parts and the preschoolers were animals at the manger.  And the church joined in with carols in between parts.  so.funny.
Blake didn't make it on stage eventhough he was the lone chicken at the stable.  He saw us and came to sit in Nate's lap.  Owen did really well until he saw me taking his picture and he started laughing his hearty Owen laugh and saying, "Mama...I ate a DONUT!"  He was very proud of that.

The second program was at school.  I haven't downloaded video from that yet.  I was trying to be a cool, not over the top mom, and so I only took our small digital camera to video it.  MISTAKE.  I also showed up on time and not an hour early.  MISTAKE.  These preschool parents are serious!!!!  We had to sit on the back row!!!!  So we didn't get great pictures.  Once they saw us they were so excited.  Especially that daddy was there.  Owen's class sang first.  He made me laugh because he was mouthing words, not the right words, just words.  You could tell he was too distracted by the people watching.  Blake's class was second and he was mr. Cool.  He had his Santa hat tilted a little and one hand in his pocket.  He knew every word, but was very cool about his presentation.  hillarious.
This picture is blurry...but it is still an all time favorite in my opinion!

Loved seeing them get to do fun things like this!

Maybe not to you...

But to me, granma, grammy, auntie and maybe a few others...this is special :)

She's getting so big!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Not even sure where to begin

We have so many pictures from the past few weeks, that I am not even sure where to begin!!!!  I know for sure that Grammy and Auntie were sad we didn't finish our daily advent posts...and then I have about 2 million to documents CJ's first Christmas.  So I will try a few highlights here and there:
Christmas jammies

Our Christmas morning

Very thankful little boys for their big boy bikes

Santa pancakes...thanks again pinterest for providing all of Christmas ideas :)

Thanks Auntie and Uncle T for our cool bean bag chairs...we love to chilax (chill and relax) in them
Big boy bikes