Sunday, August 29, 2010

One cool cousin

The boys are very fortunate to have some awesome cousins! Here they are a few weeks ago playing with John.
He had been dancing like this for a while...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shamu, The Alamo and Deer...

Last weekend we took our first co-family vacation. We went to San Antonio with our dear friends, the Heston's. Despite the fact that it was 100 degrees outside we had such a great time. It is so much fun and such a blessing to have friends that are in the same stage of life and that are a ton of fun to be around.

We met them in San Antonio last Wednesday night. After getting everyone in and to bed we geared up for the next full day at Sea World. All of the kids (and adults) really enjoyed the animals and the shows despite the heat. We stopped mid day to go back and take naps and came back for a night full of a water park and two more shows.

Here are the Heston's enjoying some of the action!

Watching the water skiers...

I like the progression of these pictures.
Blake loves Payton (or Payti as he calls her)...and Blake doesn't care about being in charge....Payton and Owen on the other hand...they are both a little more dominate:). There was one point over the weekend where we were on a walk and Owen and Payton were trying to out run each other to be in the front. At the end of it all Payton is the leader of the pack. They are so cute to watch together. Here she is trying to round them up for a group picture.

The next day Nate and Clee went to play golf in the morning and then we switched that afternoon when Holly and I got to go shopping and get pedicures! That night we went to the Alamo and the Riverwalk. It was hot. But Nate has finally become a true Texan...he wore an Astros hat and learned all about Texas history from our tour guide and committed Alamo fan, Clee.
This is at the end of dinner...he was ready to go home :)

That night we drove out to Windermere. It is a little cabin in the Hill Country that we have gone to for our anniversary the past two years. We had a great time here for the rest of the weekend resting, playing games, catching up on naps and taking walks and looking for deer. It was a great end to a great few days.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Same yet different

The proof is in the picture!

A day in the life

People often ask me if twins are a handful...I always respond..."no they are just like having one!"

So for those of you who want to live in my shoes for 5 minutes - and this was literally all in 5 minutes - here you go.

We started with a clean house that turned in to this:

All of our jammies on the ground so we could practice putting them on...

That was fun, now let's wrestle... (You can see how fast this happened because the shirt on Owen's head in this picture is the one he was trying to get on in the picture above)

Ok, enough of that...let's dance! let's play chase! (I know this is hard to see but they are taking off from the living room and down the hall)

Around the corner through the kitchen
Back again...and they are down!!!!

I am tired just watching!