Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy birthday Nate-dog!

My sweetie turns 33 in a few minutes. Hard to believe. We will celebrate more this weekend but for now a birthday banner and 33 reasons we love him!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Partying

We had such a good time celebrating the boys real birthday.  The day consisited of waking them up with a birthday song, a few more presents, a trip to the donut shop, (to eat as many as they could), haircut, trip to walmart to pick out a new toy with birthday money, home to play, nap, Cici's for dinner, a trip to the movie theatre for arcade games, mini bowling, and go karts and then ending the night at sonic to play and have some ice cream. wonder we are all tired.

Owen said, "You tricked me with that birthday song!!!"

They were big buddies all day.  telling each other "happy birthday" and then "Thanks!"

Please note the outfit - Superman shirt and camo rain boots...could that say "I am a 4 year old boy" any louder?

A little air hockey.  Blake won!

Not sure who was having more fun.  Daddy or the boys

Caroline came too!
What a fun way to celebrate our sweet boys.  Can't believe they are 4!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


We had the boys birthday party this past Saturday at the pool at the Country Club.  We had a blast!  I keep talking about this - but I really loved it.  We only had to pay $3/non-member/swimmers only.  We had nearly 50 people there to celebrate and only had to pay $45!  Best money ever spent on a birthday.  We were lucky and it was only 95 degrees but we had the covered pavilion reserved and so with the fans and the breeze it wasn't as terrible as a June/July birthday in Texas could have been!
We were so blessed to have the whole Hazzard crew plus Peggy and Ric to join us.  We were also surrounded by sweet Corsicana friends.  The boys had a ton of fun and we get to celebrate more tomorrow!!!

There was a lot of jumping off the diving boards.  I am pretty sure that the only exception in a 2 hour time period that they weren't was for presents and cake:)
Blake liked to run down the board and off of the end

Owen being Buzz light year "to infinity and BEYOND!"

All the kids