Monday, November 22, 2010

Catch up

So we have been gone for so long from the blog world! Mostly because we have officially moved! We got to Corsicana on October 30.

We are staying behind a bed and breakfast in a furnished former carriage house for this home built in 1898! It's two stores and is between 800-1000 square feet. We are so thankful to not be in a hotel with our sweet little guys! We even have a washer and dryer and a kitchen! It's tight, but quickly becoming home. The boys call it "the big house."

We have had a few good weeks. Nate is loving his new position. It has been a real eye opener to how hard it was on Conroe for the past 2 years. The boys and I are doing well. We have joined the YMCA and been to every park in town as well as story time at the library. We have even made a few friends, been out to lunch with people and had a few play dates! I think we are doing great!
We have visited two churches in town and like them both, we still want to visit one more and the hopefully we will pick one and dive right in!

That's enough for now...don't want to overload any one with our big comeback!
Get ready for some photos! These are out of order...but this has been our October!
This was our going away party that our sweet friends the Bates threw us before we left. This wasn't quite every one...but covered enough people. We had such a great time...we will surely miss these people dearly!!!

Here are the boys on Halloween! We had several fun filled days. with pumpkin carving, HAFBC fall festival, and we went trick or treating in a neighborhood we like to see if the neighbors were nice! Thanks Holly for a great idea!!! The boys were garden gnomes. Target had them! And if you didn't know, Nate is 50% Norwegian and gnomes are a big Norwegian deal! Their Santa looks like a since the boys are 1/4 Norwegian we had to dress them like it gives me the good embarrassing pictures to show their girlfriends one day!!!
Our home on Corsicana on our way to Trick or treat!

Fall Festival

See...embarrassing photo! Owen's outfit was too small, but I made him wear it anyway!!!

The carving kind of back fired on us. I thought it would be a good idea to tell them the inside of the pumpkin was gross and that might make them more likely to touch it, but instead they ran from it! But here is the family photo - taken with a timer...impressed?
Blakey's new favorite thing to say is "tada!" with his arms in the air. So here he is saying "TADA!" over his pumpkin.

We also had the whole Heston clan over one last time for dinner at our house. It was really fun to celebrate our time with them in Houston.
Erin snagged us in front of our house. It was a good house...

Here Blakey is with his ladies!