Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strawberry fields forever

The kids and I ventured out with a good friend down to Fairfield (about 30 minutes south) to go pick some strawberries. Don't they say, "Many hands make a light load?" Well that is true when you have three three year old pickers and a grabby baby on board. We had a good time and it was a gorgeous afternoon. We picked 4 lbs of strawberries and paid $9. Not bad! We came home and grilled out with daddy and finished the evening with some smores on the grill. Yummmmmmy!!!

You could eat and pick!

Blake is a budding photographer.  He loves to take pictures.  Not bad, right?
I really, really love this picture

Thursday, March 22, 2012


We had a fun day today. it's youth expo time which is a really big deal in these parts. I follow our local newspaper on Facebook and the only news lately is what goat, steer or rabbit won! The boys took a field trip out there this morning and so CJ and I tagged along!!
You will see Nate's dumpsters also made an appearance!
After school we went for ice cream-can't beat that!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February Pictures

Last month was so busy.  With what...I am not sure!  But it flew by.  Here are some photo highlights.

There are few things in life that Blake is gentle with.  Fortunately for CJ - she is one of them!

I mean...this kid is seriously cute!

So is he!!!

On her 6 month birthday

Goling with daddy.  Owen is holding his very important "golf juice."

Our favorite evening ritual.  CJ gets to lay in bed with them.  Makes for some happy kids.

Daddy bought Caroline her first flower for valentines day.  I am not sure who is more smitten with who...
Other than being busy.  February was a very good month.  Can't believe we are half way through March!