Monday, March 28, 2011


I am waiting on the tweedles to wake up so we can head over to the NEW HOUSE! We were not supposed to get the keys until Wednesday but they brought them by last night! We still are going to paint and the movers still wont be able to come until Friday, but it at least slows us down a little and give us a little more time to get out of the big house.

So while I wait, a little catch up. Last weekend we missed the Heston's so much we kind of sprung a trip on them. We drove down Friday after work, spent the night and then went to the zoo on Saturday morning. We wore those kiddos out! We hate being so far away from our wonderful friends, but at least it gives us more people to go see!

Here is the gang on the train:

And Blake with the "eeh-phants"

We then decided to be crazy and left the Houston zoo, drove back to Corsicana, grabbed some hockey tickets, went to Euless, dropped off the boys, picked up my sister and Matt, and went to the Dallas Stars game. We had fourth row much fun! No pictures though...I was too tired!

This past weekend was also eventful. We closed Friday. Then on Saturday took the boys to the Navarro County Youth Expo. We saw a lot of boots, bedazzling, and animals! The boys really loved petting the cows and lambs and all of the other animals. Nate and I had a work dinner Saturday night in Grandview, TX and then Sunday I headed to the big D for the day. I had a shower for a sweet friend and then dinner with my old roomie, Elizabeth!

Whew....I am tired just thinking about the past few weeks. We have so much to do in the next few, too...such an exciting time!!! We need to get setlled and then we are having so many visitors I can hardly wait! The Ramseys, Auntie, hopefully the Hestons and my family will be making it down so soon! We are excited to show of Corsicana and our new home.

Maybe some pics of the house soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Putt Putt a Palooza

This past weekend we took the boys to play Putt Putt and ride race cars! They had so much fun. They had been asking to play golf with daddy for weeks and so they were very excited to get to do it themselves.

We also took them on a go kart ride. I drove Blake and when we started he yelled out, "Whooooohhooooo...I am Lightning McQueen!!!" The kid loves some Cars!!!!

Here is daddy teaching them to put:

Too excited for a picture!

Here they are! Owen was very determined to do it. He worked so hard at getting it in the hole each time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

locks of love and lots of showing!

So this past weekend I did something I have wanted to for a long time...I cut my hair! Specifically for locks of love. I had been growing it long for a while and realized when we moved here that I was with in the goal.
So on Saturday I cut of 10 inches! It was fun and I am glad I did it.
Here are the before and recent after:
Another photo of me...I have been asked to put up some pictures of me showing...I am 16 weeks and here is my self portrait with a cars booty in the back ground.
I know I am showing a lot!!! But I am still in my regular clothes! I wore maternity pants once last week and forgot how much I don't like I went back to my pants.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


No pictures...just a few recent conversations with Blake and Owen:

Me: "Owen, is Blake a girl or a boy?"
Owen: with a big smile "a girl!"
Blake: "I am not a girl, I am a boy...a COWBOY!"

Nate: "Owen who is your best friend?"
Owen: "My Bakey (Blakey)."

Me: "Blake, who is that?"
Blake: "That's a daddy Thomas (Thomas the train)."
Me: "Why is he the daddy?
Blake: "Because he is big and strong!"

This last one is from after Bible Study today where they talked about Lazarus:
Me: "Owen who did you talk about at church today?"
Owen: "Jesus"
Nate: "what did Jesus do?"
Owen: "he help sick"
Blake: "Man come out here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Owen the great!

So since O-dog takes terrible pictures lately and I feel like all the cute shots are of Blake I decided to dedicate a whole entry to him!

Also because the big man has been potty training and DOMINATING!!!!

We kind of figured he was ready, but I offically started (for the second time - the first attempt was for a whole 3 hours one morning in January) past Thursday and he has had ONE accident since! I am seriously...he's a potty training genius! He is wearing pull ups and naps and diapers at night so those times don't count but during the day he has been awesome!

Here he is in his Cars "undawares". He is very proud of wearing underware and pottying and likes to tell everyone, even the checker at walmart, all about it! ANd the second is another future blackmale photo...but look how cute that booty is!

This is a video of them being rockstars a week or so ago. My favorite part is when I ask Owen what he does when he sees a cute girl. All I can say is watch out ladies!!!