Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Stroh Beauty Salon

How you like my new do?
I'm cute, aren't I?
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

And finally...

The last days.
On Saturday Lindsay and I snuck off to get long over due pedicures and then to a mommy's favorite - Target and Starbucks! We came home, and grilled some yummy burgers for dinner. On Sunday we got to visit their church, and then off to the airport we went!

Sorry Hal, you are too tall!

Blake was helping me pack. We also got rid of bottles while there...so when they found these in the suitcase...they were pretty excited.

Funny story. One afternoon we laid the boys down for their naps. For a while we heard Blake crying, then we heard a loud noise, sounding like something had fallen. So we went in there to find Owen in his pack n play with about 3 of Lindsay's books: The Power of a praying wife, one other, and the autobiography of the lady who started BSF. Sadly, a corner of the book had been eaten off! Here Owen is with his book:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butter called

And wants it's spot back! Cause we are on a roll!
That is a Todd Lesher originated joke...Abbey, if you read this, please have Todd check out the title.

Okay, on we go...
Day three we went to the beach for some more fun in the sun. For Nate's birthday we also rented some jet skis. Nate was so proud of himself for going a fast 52 miles an hour...he was insane. We all took turns going out, but Nate hogged them for the most part :).
We came home, took a nap and then to completely wipe out our energy we took the boys to the park.

The guys getting orientated with their jet skis...

Is she a good friend or what? Taking all three boys so I could go ride along side Nate.

The boys with Hal.

At the park:

Daddy relaxing with some guitar hero!

Okay...day 2!

So day two was Nate's 30th birthday. He can't believe he is 30, I can't believe he has some gray hairs! He has been working so hard lately and so I wanted to take him away and let him have some fun! And let me tell you he surely did! I got to see a side of him I haven't seen in a while...and it was well worth the wait.
Day two was also filled with a trip to the beach that lasted about 30 minutes, thanks to a rain storm, an afternoon nap and a yummy seafood dinner.

Owen loved the beach! He ate some sand and loved the water.

Blake was a little more timid of the ocean, but was okay with dad!

Drew also was a big fan of the beach.

The Ramsey's post dinner.

The Stroh's post dinner.

Celebrating Daddy with some cake!

Blake liked his party hat...here he is getting his diaper changed with it on!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FLA in the USA!

We got to go to Sarasota (Lakewood Ranch) Florida this past week to see some wonderful friends, Lindsay, Hal and Drew Ramsey, and to celebrate Nate turning the big 3-0! It was so much fun. I am sure we completely wore them out, but we sure did enjoy seeing them! It's so fun to get to see your friends and where they live, shop, eat and go to church. It helps you picture their lives better.
Another fun thing is that Drew, their son, is almost 8 months old and we have never been able to meet him. So getting to introduce him to Blake and Owen was great.
I am sure there will be many posts from this trip to get in all of the fun/funny stories. But this will start us off.
The first day we were there we went swimming at their friends house and then to an aquarium. I got to see a Manatee and I was really thrilled about that. It was massive! The aquarium was also a hospital for the sea life. They have treated sun burned dolphins - who knew? They also had a blind sea turtle who kept running into walls. I shouldn't think that's funny, but I do.
Here are some pics from that day!

Owen's post-swimming hair-do

Sweet Drew!

Little Buddies at the end of the Mote Aquarium

This one makes me laugh. It's like, "hey man, why are you crying?"

So, that was day one. Stay tuned for the rest of the days adventures. I am sure everyone is waiting on pins and needles :).
Off to our 1 year check up!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Big O-N-E!

We had so much fun celebrating the boys this past weekend. Granma, Granpa, Grammy, Papa Ric, Aunt Whitney, Uncle Pete and Cousins - Caitlyn, Lauren and Cameron were all able to come spend the weekend with us.
We then got to party down on Saturday with more family, lots of friends, and even special guests, Dr. Ken and Karen Moise (the doc's who performed the TTTS surgery). It was so special and every thing we hoped it would be.
Here are some photo highlights:

Funny story - everything was red, white and blue. We made some really cute monkey cupcakes, banana splits and had some veggies. I decided to make the boys each a jumbo cupcake. One would be red and one blue. Well, I lost the blue food coloring, so they were both going to be red. Well no one told me it would take about a gallon of red food coloring to get it red enough. So they were a little hot pink. I tried to compensate by slathering on the sprinkles and that worked alright until they dove in and had HOT PINK faces! My little boys with pink cupcakes! It was too funny. They did enjoy that cake!
Thanks everyone for your well wishes this past year. It has been so ONEderful and we look forward to the next fun year with these guys!
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