Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lil' Pumpkins

Turn into SCARY MONSTERS!!!!!!

We have had a ton of fun taking pictures the past few weeks. Auntie gave us some great Halloween outfits and then of course we got costumes so to make up for my last post here are a TON of pictures!
In our Halloween Outfits:

Check out our pumpkin!!

Costumes, Round 1! To make sure they were worth every dime they got to wear them every day since last Saturday!
At the Fall Festival with our buddy Lightening McQueen, aka, Tripp.

With Mommy and Daddy before the Fall Festival.

Let's Go!!!

This picture doesn't do the moment justice...but this is Owen on the way back to the car. His foot was propped out the side of the wagon as he was snacking on some leftover goldfish.

However the moment of the day went to Owen. I may have mentioned it, but he loves to eat. Especially other people's food. There was this three or four year old kid who was eating a twix bar and Owen spotted it. So he started stalking this kid - following him around. Well the kid didn't like it so he kept looking at Owen over his shoulder and pulling the candy closer. He would turn around and Owen would go right back to him. He intimidated the poor boy!!

We had a wonderful day! Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

How things have changed

We don't have a video camera and so we have a few moments that we caught either with our digital camera or in this case my cell phone to remind us of how things have significantly changed in our house over the past year.
I remember this day so was a rare day that the boys just cried and cried. I was all alone that day and because it was so rare, I didn't really know what to do. So what else would a good mom do? Stick her babies in bouncy seats and record them crying to show daddy what kind of day we had!
The quality is awful because it's off of an old cell phone...but who cares about what you are seeing...just make sure your speakers are on and you will get the point!
This is from September 26th, 2008

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waiting for completion

This post will have no cute check back later if that's what you are here for.
I use to journal a typing is a better/faster way for me to get my thoughts out. So here is my outlet.

I have been studying the book of Ephesians since September through Precepts Ministries. I have really enjoyed it. I have learned a lot as well as had the opportunity to put some scripture to back up things I believe.

One week we were studying about the peace that Christ's brings into creating one new man. Ephesians is a letter written by Paul to the church in Ephesus that was made up of Gentile believers. To many Christians during that day the term Gentile Christian was an oxymoron. So Paul in his first three chapters of the book is basically talking about how Christ came and saved the Gentile and not just the Jew. And how one day Christ would establish peace between the two creating one new man.

You can't watch the news with out hearing about the unrest in the Middle East that still today is between the Jew and Gentile. Christ came to establish peace and peace will not be known on this Earth until he returns. Which is what brings me to my point.
As we were studying about this and addressing Christ's return my stomach began doing what is always does when one talks about end begins feeling anxious.
I always find this odd. I was saved at the age of 8 and in no way, shape or form doubt my salvation. But why does talking about death/end times make me so anxious? I couldn't even read the Left Behind series in high school for the unsettling feeling.
Besides that unfortunately I have seen a lot of death in the past 2 years. My grandad past away, followed by the boys being in the hospital and seeing/meeting may families who lost sweet babies, and most recently 3 students (2 former and 1 current) have passed away from accidents and cancer. I know God is sovereign and in control and that in all of those situations you can see and trust in His wisdom - but still that unsettling feeling.

Then I don't know if you have heard Steven Curtis Chapman's new song Heaven is the Face - man oh's about his little girl who was killed by a car's on the radio a lot. I usually have to sit in the car and cry it out when I hear it! But again...unsettling.

How do you reconcile those feelings while trying to be waiting for Christ's return or Heaven? Through it all is always a promise of Peace but I still tend to feel anxious.
Then as always the boys showed me something pretty profound.
As previously mentioned in other postings the boys love their Dada. So when he gets home at night it's a pretty big event in our house. There is a window by the drive way that they toddle to and wait there, licking the glass, until he gets out of his car. They then start banging on it and squealing with delight.

A few nights ago Nate was coming home later than usual. I heard lots of questions about Dada that night. I would try to tell them that he was at work and that he would be home soon. Every once and a while I would look over to catch Blake standing at that window looking for Dada to drive up. The shade was even drawn and so he had lifted in on his own and was standing between it and the window ciel nose pressed to the glass just waiting.

See he gets something I never had before. I think all of those things previously mentioned make me uneasy because I don't get it. I know in my head that what God has planned for me after this life will far surpass anything in it. I know this life is full of car accidents, cancer and heart break that we won't have to deal with one day. But I still know this life. I get it. I know how to maneuver in it. And somewhere in my heart I would rather be comfortable with what I know than pressed to trust in something I don't fully know and change what I do.
Blake doesn't have this problem. He knows that when his Dada comes home it's not change, it's completion. He isn't worried about sharing Mommy, or Owen, he just knows that our family is Mommy, Owen, Blake AND Dada and that things are better, right, perfect, how they were meant to be when he is home.

Oh, the faith of a child.

God give me the wisdom of a 15 month old. To know that when you come, it will bring me completion, not negative change of taking away the things I love. But that you will make things the way they were meant to be. You, me and those that love you -- together.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I took the boys to a Pumpkin Patch with Aunt Holly, Payton, Aunt Erin and Katelyn. It was about 1000 degrees...nothing like "fall" in Houston! At least it's pretty today!

Blakers - He's a charmer
Owen - he didn't want to smile for the camera...but he did like bouncing on the pumpkin!

For some reason I like this picture - they were being sweet playing together.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Nate and I have a tradition for our anniversary to take trips in lieu of gifts. Probably not the cheaper option, but we like it.

This year we had the special treat of his Aunt, Jean, aka Auntie, coming down from Ohio to watch the boys so we could get away for a few days. We went to the Hill Country and stayed at a little cabin/condo (we call it Windermere). It was great. A cold front even came through which made it extra special to wrap up in blankets, read and drink coffee! We had a great time.

Here are some highlights from our past trips:

Honeymoon in Cancun

First Anniversary in Galveston

Second in San Francisco

Third in Windermere

Fourth in Windermere

Good memories!

Could they be more big boy?

I took the boys outside this afternoon and just couldn't believe how much boy is in them. First they spent time eating dirt, then pushing their wagon into the grass...but the most striking thing of all is how they just walk like big boys.

They sure are cute boys...

Classic Owen face!

Cruising the patio!

Eating dirt...

I mean come on...look at these grins!

What's that old saying? It takes two, baby?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We did it. We broke down and cut their hair. They look SO big!

Her are befores and afters:



And, yes, Granpa, I admit they look good!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Four years of...

Drinking coffee in the mornings...

Learning to go to bed at 10pm...

Learning to wake up before 10am (and liking it:))...

Watching hunting shows in the fall...

Living on a budget...

Sharing a bed...

Getting a 10 second kiss EVERYDAY!

Having someone see you at your best...

Having someone see you at your worst...

Having someone to share every good, bad, hard, easy and all those moments in between...

Happy 4th Anniversary, Ralph!!!

I love you!