Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

We had a good day Sunday celebrating Nate. He is such a good dad. Not that I ever doubted, but every day he amazes me more and more with his love and adoration for Blake and Owen. I can not wait to see him with a little girl...I might have some competition!

We decided to get him a gift he could enjoy with the boys...so I got him Mario Kart for the WII! We have all had fun playing it and the best part is, the boys barely want to play just watch daddy play!

Love you Nate!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A horse is a horse

This post really should not be about horses...but it is. This past Wednesday the boys and I got to go to my nephew, Cameron's, 6th birthday party. It was out at my brother's in law's house also known as the farm. It was about 45 minutes north of Dallas and so that made it close enough for us to get to go!

The reason there are only pictures of the horse riding is because I am 7 months pregnant, it was in the 90's outside and it was just me to chase the boys! So needless to say the camera was only pulled out during the horse ride.

We had such a fun time celebrating Cameron. Cameron is a boy after Blake and Owen's heart...he loves all things with wheels, loves to be outside and just simply loves being a boy! The boys had the best time playing on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline, playing with cars, pulling the big kids on wagon rides, eating cake and of course the horse ride that was at the end.

Blake told me to ride he needed his cowboy hat!

I had no idea what they would do once on the horse, but they in fact loved it. Caitlyn rode with Owen and Lincoln, Cameron's cousin on the other side, rode with Blake.

I love, love, love this picture!

We love being close enough to celebrate!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The great escape!

Ok, not really, but two weeks ago Nate and I made a run for the border...of the gulf! Ok, not really again, but we did enjoy a lovely 30th birthday/mother's day/5th and 6th anniversary/babymoon vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. We went to Jackson first and left the tweeds in the fully capable hands of Grammy, Papa Ric, Nini and Pops. We all had a great time!

I will save you the 26 week pregnant maternity swimsuit shots and give you this:

View from our balcony before dinner one night:

And this is what the boys learned to do:

I am telling you we have two fish, or sharks on our hands. Nini said they swam twice a day! And we have been in the water every day but yesterday since we got back! They start swim lessons on the 20th.

And here they are with their cousin, Taylor!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here are a few pictures of the tweeds in their swim suits. We are really into sharks around here. This is before we went to swim at a friends house a few weeks ago. Be prepared for cuteness:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Most wonderful time of the year

Some people say Christmas, I say MAY! It is after all my birthday month, you know!

We have had a really exciting few weeks. There will be lots of posts as I get them up but here is my written update.

We had mothers day...but no pictures! Lol

Then the next weekend Auntie came! It was so much fun getting to show her Corsicana and our new home! It was a beautiful weekend and so we went to the park, out to eat, grilled out, played in the backyard, watched movies and she even caddied for Nate at the country club! He even played his best game ever! She was his good luck charm!

We didn't get a ton of pictures, but we did get a few of Auntie and her boys. Blake had a hard time with the pictures before church, but Owen was charming her! We got a good one after!

And in case you hadn't heard, we have a baby name: Caroline Jean. Caroline is for meeting in North Carolina, and Jean is for Auntie! We love her!

We have also been swimming, and to Mississippi and Alabama for a beach vacation! More pictures to come soon!