Monday, July 7, 2014


SIX?  How did this even happen.  And why am I surprised every year?  You would think I would catch on!  And touche old lady in the grocery store.  It does go by way too fast.

Here are some pictures of the party and the actual day!

Can you see all the themes?  We had minions, TMNT, planes, avengers, superman, star wars, power rangers and spiderman all in attendance somewhere in the party decor.  Does that make me the coolest mom, ever?

Birthday boys

sweet friends

presents...kind of what birthdays are all about!

Daddy and LineyBoo

We made it to 6!!!

more presents!

this is how she felt about it

on their actual birthday they wanted to go bowling and have pizza.  

I have come to terms with 6, but decided turning 7 is NOT allowed!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Graduation!!! Nate says, the boys are getting too big too fast!  We had their pre-k graduation tonight.  I am so thankful that we found a school for them to start in as soon as we moved.  Looking at them on stage it was more than obvious that they are ready for the real deal school!
I love these kiddos!

Here they are by their work

She went a little nuts waiting for this to start...but she makes these glasses look good!

Biggest kids in the back!

Blake leading everyone in the pledge.  He told every one to stand and begin!

"There's a little pink pig rollin' in the mud"  In both groups they were the only kids you could hear.

"There's a little white sheep grazing in the meadow!"

They were have a processional out and little sis jumped in line to give hugs!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easter and anything else!

One of our goals when we found out we were moving out here was to make sure that we took advantage of the fun things to do in SoCal.  I mean, there is a reason people move out here!  And the cost of living is NOT the main reason!  

Here we are at Laguna Beach.  We seem to think that the water gets prettier the further south you go.  The water is still freezing, but the kids don't seem to mind.  They love these beaches!  It makes for an easy day.  This beach took about 45 minutes to get to.  

Blake playing frisbee 
Owen.  You can see the homes built into the hills behind him


The adventures of super dude

A few weeks ago our friend, Lauren, was in San Diego with her family.  So we headed down to see her and spend the day in the city.  It took about 2 hours and it happened to be freezing!  The kids loved it!

At the marina (Blake)

Owen was very proud of climbing this "big" tree with no assistance

The kids were very excited about Easter.  

Naked egg dying
 I could eat them all up

You know those questions, name something that describes you?  Caroline's answer would definitely be her hair.  It is as wild as she is!

The Easter bunny left at egg hunt!  Heard he was here around 6am

My little Easter lovies

And lastly, their school performance.  It's dark, because it was outside.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We live 20 minutes away from Disney...20 minutes!  We ventured out there, thanks for sweet Marci, and spent a day at California Adventure and a day at Disney.  To say we had fun was an understatement!