Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hazzardous Holidays

Finishing up the Christmas posts with Christmas day spent with my family.  It was a cold dreary morning to start with that ended up on some glorious Texas snow!  Needless to say we were all excited.  It did make the drive home for Pete and Whitney and us some what hazardous...but we all made it safe and sound.


my sweetie

first bit of snowfall

Lauren and CJ

John and Owen

Caitlyn and Blake

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thompson Christmas and Christmas Eve

I should get an award for worst Christmas pictures ever at the Thompson family side.  I was too distracted!!!  So sadly I only got a few.  I didn't even get one with their great granparents - the reason we went!  MAJOR FAIL!

Blake was super excited about gifts

and getting super heroes

I did better Christmas Eve.  I demanded pictures for presents...and they obliged :)

I know Owen is in half of the shot, but look at that cheese face!  The only individual I got of her

I think every picture of the three of them since she started moving has looked like this

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stroh Christmas

We have been to Mississippi several times since October.  We took our anniversary trip, went back for Thanksgiving and even though it was our "Dallas" year for Christmas we couldn't pass up the time with Nate's family that live out of state for Christmas.  So we made a mad dash the 3 days before Christmas.  We drove in after work on Thursday, had a Christmas with his dad's family on Friday and his mom's family on Saturday and drove home Sunday.  This is the Stroh Christmas

This girl knows how to work a camera!

Granny Stroh and all her great grandkids and two grandsons

Our newest baby cousin, Carson.  Owen really loves holding her and refers to her as, "that baby with the teeny tiny fingers."