Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extra! Extra!

We got the opportunity to spread the enws about TTTS once again. This time to celebrate the boys 1st birthday. The Atascocita Observer came and did a story. It was posted online today.
Check it out...and if you know anyone having twins - fraternal or identical - make sure they have someone check!
As Karen Moise says, "Make sure there are two peas and two pods!"

Miracle twins celebrate first birthday Atascocita Observer News Houston Community Newspapers Online - News Around Town
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yankee Doodle!

See they were meant to be babies born *almost* on the 4th of July. The 3rd will work. We will just party both days!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Boy!

He's drinking milk from a big boy cup, in his big boy shoes!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Nate said it, not me. But I did laugh out loud.
I remember when the boys were born I posted a page on our baby web site entitled, "Our little old men." It looks like Blake is getting younger as he gets older!

A few days old:

A few weeks ago...11 months!

Some things have changed, haven't they?

We had a great weekend celebrating the world's number 1 dad - Nate! We had a fun night with Holly, Clee and Payton on Friday. We even stayed up until midnight - voluntarily!
Then Saturday we had the most perfect day. We ran some errands, napped, went to the boat show and then out to eat and the boys were PERFECT! When I mean perfect, I mean perfect. They were so fun, so easy, and so happy all day. We came home, put them to bed and watched Defiance.
Yesterday was spent at church and then napping again!
Sad today is Monday...but glad to have had such a wonderful weekend.

Oh, one more funny story. Last week I worked VBS. I was a third grade guide. It was really fun and I am super glad I did it. I had this one funny boy in my class. One day he was telling me about his siblings. He told me when his parents were pregnant with their second child, they were really hoping for a girl, but it was a boy. Then when they were pregnant with their third child, again, they were hoping for a girl. When they were at the doctor they were told it was a girl. Well his parents were so excited, but hesitant to believe them. So they kept asking to verify and the doctor said, and this is a direct quote from the boy who is NINE..."I am sure, it's a hamburger and not a hot dog!"
I almost fell over.
Then the next day in the hall way with about 200 kids, he begins to tell me about giving his cousin a "titty twister." I am sure there was a shocked look on my face because of his choice in wording. So he begins to tell me how he does this. He kept saying, "titty twister" over and over. So I told him not to say that word at church. And he said, "what? is twister a bad word?" "What should I call it then? A titty-what?"
It was really funny. He wasn't trying to be bad. He was a very sweet kid with a knack for good story telling! Now I know why that show, "Kids say the darnedest things" was so popular!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Auntie and Uncle T

Blake and Owen had another fun weekend with the visit of Auntie and Uncle T. Jean and Tom are Nate's Aunt and Uncle who use to live in Lake Jackson, but moved to Ohio 2 years ago. When we first moved to Houston they still lived here and we spent many weekends down at the Freeman hotel. They have always spoiled us and now it's time for Blake and Owen to get some spoiling.
It was so fun having them here to have some fun with. One thing that was very fun was getting the boy's first birthday presents! Auntie and Uncle T got them a race car they can ride and push, along with with some rings, a bath toy and their safety toy, a faucet cover!
The minute they saw the car they wanted to play. It was really cute because we put Blake on it and Owen crawled right behind it and began pushing him down the hall. He would push with one arm and crawl with the other. It's a great gift!
Owen has been toying around with pulling up. Up until this weekend he had only stood about three times. But after getting the toy, he mastered that! Yesterday Blake took three steps while pushing it!
Owen with Auntie and Blake walking with Uncle T

Told you it was fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vacation is all I ever wanted!

This past weekend we got to host my sister and her family for their family vacation. My mom, the boys, and I got to tag along on all of their family fun. The boys were very happy to have so much love!
We took them to Galveston (John and Gracey's first time to see the ocean), Discovery Green, our neighborhood pool which is more like a mini-water park and church. We had so much fun!
John and Gracey at Galveston

The boys at the beach

At Discovery Green

John, Gracey, Blake and Owen

Guess Who!!!

Everyone always tells me that the thing that makes the boys look most different, besides weight, is their hair. So I decided to give them a little pebbles action to see if when all hair was equal that was true.
So you guess...and be careful...even their daddy got it wrong!!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Operation Search and Destroy

A friend of ours from church told me about a set of twins she knew - their grandad called them, "search" and "destroy." Because as they traveled in a pack that is what they would do. One would find something and get the other over to help bring it down.
I think I will steal that nickname.
This morning they went into the ONE room in the house that has the copper with the rubber door stopper. They went over to one of them, got the whole thing off the wall (luckily they haven't realized the rubber stopper comes off). I took it away. Blake then b-lined to the other one, gave off the twin call, and there went Owen. He started working hard on it and then Blake went over and moved the door out of his way so that he could assist. I then took that away...sheesh...that was before 8am!

On another note I am excited and sad that my friend Bianca had her second little baby last week. A boy named Urijah Banner. Urijah means "God is my light" and Banner is taken from Exodus 17 where Moses calls God his banner.

Nate and I are so fortunate to have lived so many places and made such amazing friends. I have college friends, Charlotte friends, childhood friends...I am saddened often that I can't take all of those friends regularly. I wish I could take them with me everywhere I go so that I can see them and celebrate with them. But life continues to take us forward...and we will go with it!

Here is some pictures of the daily changes of the buddies.

Owen's got the waving thing down! He waves bye and uses to hands to say "all done"...he sometimes look more like he is milking a cow

Blakey is pulling up on everything.

We like to take each other's "toys".

Bad bath hair