Monday, July 7, 2014


SIX?  How did this even happen.  And why am I surprised every year?  You would think I would catch on!  And touche old lady in the grocery store.  It does go by way too fast.

Here are some pictures of the party and the actual day!

Can you see all the themes?  We had minions, TMNT, planes, avengers, superman, star wars, power rangers and spiderman all in attendance somewhere in the party decor.  Does that make me the coolest mom, ever?

Birthday boys

sweet friends

presents...kind of what birthdays are all about!

Daddy and LineyBoo

We made it to 6!!!

more presents!

this is how she felt about it

on their actual birthday they wanted to go bowling and have pizza.  

I have come to terms with 6, but decided turning 7 is NOT allowed!!!