Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We live 20 minutes away from Disney...20 minutes!  We ventured out there, thanks for sweet Marci, and spent a day at California Adventure and a day at Disney.  To say we had fun was an understatement!

California Love

So, we are here!  Sunny California!  The transition has been so much easier that I had ever though possible.  If it wasn't for the 1400 miles to Texas or the 1820 miles to Jackson - we would say this was the easiest transition yet!  Enough words for now.  This is a catch up post.  I finally got a cord so I can now upload all of our good pictures!

Our sweet friends, Marci and Big Steve.  We miss them so!  This was at our going away party in Corsicana.

Bye, little Corsicana house!

Tubing in Arrow Bear - they were fearless

Pretend Nate's eyes are open because Caroline is too cute for this picture to not be posted!

Disney, Easter, San Diego, and Laguna beach are coming!