Monday, February 14, 2011

From Blake and Owen



YOU! (we couldn't seem to get a picture of them pointing at the just use your imaginations!!!!)

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great weekend. After a movie and popcorn night Friday...we took the boys to my parents (yes, again, we are baby dumpers) and left them over night. We had a work event in Grapevine and decided to stay at the hotel next door Saturday night. We slept in Sunday, did a little shopping and a lot of eating and went to pick our little guys up Sunday evening. After dinner with the family...we headed back to Corsicana. We are thankful to be so close to family!!! We had a great weekend together and I even got flowers this morning! We reminisced about our past 6 valentines together and how different each one has been. My favorite memory has to be our 3rd one (2nd married one) where we went to Kroger and Nate said, very seriously I might add, "Honey, why don't you go get yourself some flowers and meet up front and I will pay for them."
He has learned his lesson which is why in the years since I have gotten flowers, jewelry, fancy dinners and now a night away!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good day and Good pictures!

So today has been a good day!!!
We had our 11 week appointment with a new doctor and we got to hear the heartbeat! It was such a relief to hear the heartbeat and to know that he/she is really in there!
We also sweet talked away into a ultrasound to see how many were in there and the answer is...........

Whoohoo! We would have been okay with twins again, but seriously, 1 is the way to go! The baby was measuring 11 weeks and things looked good!

Another good thing is that we are suppose to be getting an offer on our home this afternoon! We are praying it is fair and we can take it! I am not sure which bit of good news Nate was happier with!!!

Lastly here are a few pictures:

These are from December when Nate ran with me in the Jingle Bell Jog. It was a 5k here in Corsicana. And to make matters worse he had not ran in 2.5 years and never ran a 5k before and he only walked twice - once for 1 minute and the second time for 30 seconds. Being tall and skinny makes me sick!!!! We had a lot of fun doing it together!

These are from the snow days last week. We got 6 inches Thursday night - but by the time the boys played in it Saturday morning it was starting to melt. They still loved it and had a blast shoveling the snow!
Blake with our little house in the background

Owen shoveling...he wouldn't look up for a smile!

Daddy and his boys!

Friday, February 4, 2011

That was fun!

Since a few weeks after we moved the boys have mastered their bike riding ability. They can navigate them all over our tiny house. But their favorite part is to go outside and ride around the "big house."
Here is a little video of them riding. You can see the inside of our house at the beginning while they are talking and then see a shot of the big house we live behind. You will also get to hear some not so great singing at the end - by yours truly!!!