Sunday, December 30, 2012


We really got to do so many fun things this Christmas season. I can't believe it is over! Here are a few more highlights.

Owen making cookies

Blake and his snowman

We got to go to John's birthday party after seeing some amazing trains at NorthPark mall.

Fun games

We also went to Waxahachie for chick-fil-a and a trip to Bethlehem. There were probably 2 thousand people at this thing. They recreated the whole town of Bethlehem and reenacted the Christmas story while you wondered around.
Jesus had just been born

this is blurry, but this girl made being cold look good!

NorthPark Trains.  They were in heaven - they stayed in there for 2 hours
Not happy to be leaving
Can't believe these trains!
In awe
We made gifts for their teachers - salt dough stamp ornaments and then we  gave them a candle and an ITunes gift card.

Christmas card

Christmas Eve spread...yes for just the 5 of us!
This tree is bright!  Good thing Santa brought me some sunglasses!

Christmas Eve breakfast
Snow on Christmas Day!!!

Please note the cowboy boots!

CJ and her purse and jewelry sitting in her baby bed...aka her manger.  When Owen saw me pull out this baby bed that my grandfather made me to give to CJ he said, "Ahh, Caroline has a manger!"

Other nights were spent watching movies, looking at lights, drinking cocoa and being with friends...Such a great Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Program

The boys got to participate in their school Christmas program.  They were adorable little trouble makers!  Granma and Granpa got to come so that added for some extra excitement on every one's behalf!  They got so overtaken with excitement that they got a little out of control on proud.... especially when they Owen started kicking Blake!

Caroline cheesing before the show

Is that the wise men we see coming?  Nope - just Granpa in the crowd!

And the antics begin!

The 4 year olds acted out the story of Jesus' birth.  The boys were shepherds.

Granma with CJ
At least they were cute if they couldn't sing!

With Santa

CJ not so happy about this!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Catch up - Polar Express

Our internet has been running slow and so we have not been able to upload Christmas pictures.  But we are finally back to speed and so here we are - one day after Christmas!!!

One of the advent activities for this year was to go ride the Polar Express.  This is one of the boys' favorite movies and getting to ride the train was very magical.  We left Caroline with a friend and drove to Palestine, TX about an hour east of us.  The ride was an hour round trip.  They got the real tickets that the conductor hole punched, hot chocolate, cookies, to see the north pole, pick up Santa, get the "first gift of Christmas", and to sing carols.  Very fun!!!

Before the train ride...beyond excited!!!

Owen with Daddy and his ticket!

Mommy and Blake

Owen's cocoa

Blake's cocoa
They had just turned out the lights on the train as we approached the north pole

Santa and Owen

Blake excited to see the Santa

In front of the poster!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent day 6

We went and bought food for the Corsicana food pantry. I let the boys load up the cart with as much as they wanted and pay for them with cash so they felt a part.
We even went in our jammies- they thought that was hilarious!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So it has begun!  We started our advent on the 1st and we are having a blast so far!
Here's what we've done:
1st - we had a major bust in the Corsicana Christmas Parade.  it has been so great in the past, but this year was so bad!!  The parade itself was good, but we picked a bad spot.  We were on a corner at the beginning of the parade and there were so many kids!!!!  They were big and aggresive and so needless to say our boys didn't get much candy.  They did get tripped by other parents trying to get candy for their kids and pushed by several older kids.  Owen kept crying and saying to me, "why don't they like me?!  Why are they being SO mean!"  sad.  Best thing was that we did go with our buddy Jake, so that was fun!
2nd - was the hanging of the green at church.  No pictures, but lots of fun!
3rd - Making rice cripies houses.  So much better than gingerbread houses because they were so easy to make!  I made them a head of time and they decorated.  Big hit!

4th - we went to Houston to see Holly, Erin and Lindsay.  Nate is out of town and so we took advantage.  Such a great time.  I forgot to take pictures but I did get this one:

5th - Christmas Jammies - they were watching polar express at school today

And here is this Christmas cutie...she's usually waddling around during the excitement...she's hard to catch for a picture!!!
We have been following a read along advent for our Jesus story book bible and it has been so good.  Reading all sorts of stories that lead up to Christ coming.  Love it!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anybody there?

Is that what you are thinking?!  I know it has been a while.  Our computer was down but thanks for my dad we are up and at them!
We are doing well.  We had a great thanksgiving in Mississippi and are trying to move as slow as possible during the month of December to relish in every day of this fantastic time of the year.
So I wanted to catch you up on a few Halloween, yes I said it, pictures.
We were in Mississippi and had a fun night.  Halloween is really cool when you are four, and really adorable when you are 1 and your brothers want you in on the action.  So I present to you Superman, Batman and Batgirl